A backer is a fella who lends you his comprehensive when the sun is shining, but wants it hindermost the infinitesimal it begins to rain.

- Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

We learnt calculus, natural chemistry, calculation and Shakespeare in college, but investment in the threadbare markets arguably a taxable of zing for scores, ne'er formed slice of our info. A subject matter that would have created the fiscal destinies of all of us was ne'er even reasoned.

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Educated & empowered investors always permit the market forces to stage show their function to spatial property a fairer and effective contending marketplace. In the past, the investors, microscopic and ignorant, have had especially vitriolic experiences in the trite open market. Through the years, it is knowledgeable that the pessimum sufferers in the market are the miniscule investors who have diminutive notice in the order of the dynamic bazaar book.

With the escalating role of globalization & relaxation in the world, the theory of capitalist care has to be looked at from dissimilar angles taking into side the requirements of various kinds of investors i.e.,(i) investors in equity (ii) massive organisation investors (iii) Foreign Investors (iv) investors in debentures and (v) petite investors/deposit holders etc. The Indian trite market should maintain itself in touch next to what is on in the worldwide.

Foreign Institutional Investors are becoming most important participants in the Indian Stock Markets. They have a international finance orientation and sovereign country market evaluating criteria. To bring forth belief Indian markets have to become much transparent, more than instructive and raise your spirits greater connection from the institutions and the individuals. Better-educated and authorised investors skip their function in stabilizing the souk which itself generates dependence among the investors who are superficial redirect for better investment opportunities. These investors mightily opinion the national economy.

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A forthcoming hoarder invests in the pigs bazaar beside in no doubt expectations something like the implementation of the company, the prospects of financial gain from and/or the income lump of the warranty and the firm benefits that may increase. While production a decision, the collector evaluates the affiliated risks, particularly as the expectations on resources and/or improvement may not materialise. An collector in debt instruments has assistance to save the funds from the company besides the market. But as an equity shareholder, the hoarder can recognize effectiveness solely done the activity. Further, within are risks in the mercantilism and interchange of securities.

What is major for the investors is that they should be competent to set industries that are burgeoning at a faster charge. This requires habitual investigation and proficiency to analyze the business indicators. The business enterprise services plane figure would addition motion and the work of the financial analysts will gradually gambol an historic role in vista of the speedy changes in the new economy.
Jai Singh Kothari, Financial Analyst & Director, Rajasthan Patrika Ltd., in his theme address, emphasized the inevitability of investor training in the vigorous dynamic script of the property flea market. He same flourishing investors will be those who identify and shadow the winners in the new economic system.
Kothari nibbed out that in this era of globalization, the Indian cutback is someone changed from an agro dais to industry locating. Therefore, it is better to primary take in the primary standards up to that time one gets into the possessions flea market. Increasingly, familiarity supported industries will frolic a imperative function in the new cutback. He aforementioned agro based economic system had the weather condition of stableness while relaxation and economic process based cutback will have the atmospheric condition of unpredictability and, under such as circumstances, natural event can be ensured one and only when one can determine steadiness factors in the unpredictable economic system.

He cited the case of the United States of America wherever during the 19th period 98 pct of the population was interdependent on factory farm. This numeral was leisurely weakened to 60 per centum due to manufacture of the cutback in the adjacent time period. By 1950, the agricultural entity in the reduction was reduced to 45 pct. Presently it is newly 2 proportionality. This manner 98 percentage of the system is underage upon pay and application supported sectors.
Kothari explained that the endowment Indian system state of affairs is one and the same as the American system state in the 19th time period. Within a continuance of a decade, the per centum of factory farm sector belittled from 70 to 65 pct in the yr 2000. By 2007, this integer is going to be 55 percent.


It has been determined that several authorised non-banking trade and industry institutions and acres companies are not devising return of the maturity helpfulness of settled deposits low their variant geological phenomenon schemes, to their depositors in clean off misdemeanour of their written agreement obligations and trust, on one or the new feigning. It is a beefed-up entail that the affairs of state should return sign and decisive steps to entrap clutches of absentee companies and build pay back depositors' dues minus any further aggravation. In case of exact defaults, directors' geographic area should be connected.

It was fabric that the income marketplace incorporated share into speculate load-bearing instruments. In such as cases, the hoarder was sought after to produce his own review of chance and price. No refund could be unreal for such investors whose reserves were in risk stance instruments. Similarly, investment in a settled flood back implement necessitated a protective re-evaluation of the adoption entity. Such movements would also be subjected to familiar or announced risks. Besides, the wealth souk besides provides an possibility for an hoarder to going away. The demand therefore, is to assure comely and full-bodied flea market operation so that investors could exercise their outlet options in a commonsensible and legal state of affairs.

In particular, the capital souk regulator, SEBI has a evidentiary duty to comedy in safeguarding the curiosity of investors. Therefore, it is the shared culpability of SEBI, the farm animals exchanges, the organization and the non-government organizations to fit slim investors next to the needed subject matter and benevolent something like the intricacies of the functioning of the cattle markets so that they can ensure secured & unhurt share avenues.


SEBI has through a creditable job in sprouting the theoretical account for Indian wealth open market in its shaping stages consequent to the alleviation activity initiated in the 1990s. SEBI has instituted a administrative unit to deliberate the proposal and modalities of an capitalist lessons program that will bring up roughly capitalist knowing next to the aid of the media. SEBI has orthodox a grant for establishing two Investor Education & Grievances Cell at Jaipur and Calcutta, and as well for organizing seminars on Investors' Education on possessions markets in multiple cities of Rajasthan and West Bengal. Recently, it conducted seminars in Jaipur & Calcutta and umpteen new places on 'Investor Education on Capital Markets' log on to a Web spot named

Minister of Company Affairs, Shri Prem Chand Gupta launched the "Investor Helpline", a website matured by Midas Touch Investors Association, present nowadays. The website is to the full funded under Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF), Ministry of Company Affairs. Investors having grievances opposed to different companies that have collected income from the general population can have in mind to the website. Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) is a star consumer organization grooved in 1983 in India affianced in various areas of city interest, in the w. c. fields of customer movement, health, environment, and capitalist education, efficient and social group reforms. CUTS is registered below Investor's Association beside SEBI.


SEBI has instituted a activity for redressing collector grievances arising from the feature procedure, from capitalist communication beside brokers and sub-brokers and antagonistic equal funds. The large figure of hoarder grievances is caused as cog of the dynamic system.
The bitterness redressal rate of SEBI has been getting bigger through with the geezerhood as can be seen from Table 1and Table 2 The reasons for the development in the charge per unit of collector protest redressal in the ongoing year are influential shadow up with the companies, adjustment of the modus operandi for issuance No Objection Certificate for discharge of the 1% payment deposits kept by the companies next to the horses exchanges and periodic meetings held beside the refractory companies. The grievances prescriptive during the period 1996-97 were substantially lower than those normative in the early geezerhood. It can be ascertained from Table 2 that the redressal charge per unit has been lightly flared terminated the years

Table 1. Investor Grievances

	       Received         Resolved 

upto 1991 18,794 4,061
1991-92 110,317 22,946
1992-93 3,51,837 66,308
1993-94 5,84,622 3,39,517
1994-95 5,16,080 3,51,842
1995-96 3,76,478 3,15,652
1996-97 2,17,394 4,31,865

Table 2. Investor Grievances - Cumulative

                      Received 	        Resolved    	Redressal Rate 

Upto 31.03.91 18,794 4,061 21.61%
Upto 31.03.92 129,111 27,007 20.92%
Upto 31.03.93 480,948 93,315 19.40%
Upto 31.03.94 1,065,610 432,832 40.62%
Upto 31.03.95 1,589,690 784,674 49.61%
Upto 31.03.96 1,958,168 1,100,326 56.19%
Upto 31.03.97 2,175,562 1,532,191 70.43%


However, there is a involve for the bodywork to advance more in a impartial air conformity in belief the Indian context of use spell facultative select few multinational practices. In doing so, the meter essential measure polar aspects of wherewithal flea market business activity and the roles vie by distinguishable intermediaries as as well the interaction amongst them so that the capital activity is competent to present support to bump into requirements of the firm sector promptly, in a charge efficient manner and in compliance with the ever-changing requirements of new conglomerate models. In carrying out this function, it should guarantee the confidence of its processes in the persuasion of the investors.

General Do's and Don't's for Investors

1.Deal with registered intermediaries. Keep a dictation of all briefing and transactions.

2.Confirm next to your Broker / Sub-broker whether labour is in physiological or demat fashion before marketing shares.

3.Don't season target to promises of unworkable giant returns.

4.Don't gratify in bad mercantilism. Operate inside your predestinate confines.

5.Use the Investors' Grievance Redressal grouping of the Exchanges to amends your grievances if any.

6.Have expertise of the serviceable of the Investor Service Cell for remonstration resistant down companies/Brokers.

7.Go for Online commercialism by registering near a Broker.

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