This Article presumes deep experience of Joomla. A method beginning of Joomla is sought.

Let's say you stipulation - or retributory want - to devise a Site just approaching EzineArticles or same. If you are passionate on exploitation a more than generic CMS, and not an article-site targeted script, you power deduce roughly speaking victimization Joomla. That is e'er a fitting prime.

If you proven to use Joomla as it is, beside the absence Article Management you will soon be aware of its limitations, There are any flaws that will frustrate you to survive your tract approaching a professional Article publishing Webservice.

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1. You have to product the users Editors. Regular users (Registered) do not have the rightly to craft Articles. You have to cause them manually Editors. This could tough grind for several website concepts, but for maximum an high technology would be kindness.

2. Users Cannot display their submitted glad. There is no chronicle of submitted articles.

3. Administrators do not get any due process of law per email when a new Article was submitted.

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4. Users do not get an email due process when their Articles got certified and published

5. Users do not get a phone call or notification when their Article is NOT approved.

6. Article Submitting interface is confusing and rather tortuous for greenhorn users and users not used to Joomla surface. There are some features that are not needed in a regularised nonfiction based website. For example the complete mosimage hypothesis is simply a backache for a every day user, since no webmaster in the letter-perfect knowledge would permit any human to upload media on their server. Also the whole emblem embedding notion that Joomla uses is not awfully unempirical for the primary example soul.

7. The utmost nettlesome subdivision of the full Article Management act is the approbative regulations of Joomla. By evasion there is no way to filter the unpublished fulfilled or even to have the up-to-the-minute submitted articles oldest. Imagine you have hundreds of articles before now submitted by users and in the region of 10 submitted a day. To discovery these and to keep an eye on the table of contents you have to rummage through after the term or one way or another constricting the catalogue.

8. There is no way to have a reject-edit-republish workflow. That way if your someone publishes an nonfiction that you afterwards reject, here is now components to assure that the mortal gets a natural action on his mistakes so he can postedit the piece and render it. This is a highest blotch in the nonfictional prose idea of any reputable piece publication website.

Looking for overcoming these shortcomings of Joomla we proven to breakthrough a set of components that let you to exhaustive these tasks and use the normal Joomla article Management. We do not proved out core hacks or associated since these are sturdy to say to the current magazine of Joomla and as well could hinder with other components that are fundamental for a polite Joomla Website (Community Builder, etc)

We looked in respective riches in the anticipation to insight an unified answer for our difficulties. We could single discovery scattered components that figure out quite a lot of of the problems, but not in the way we hoped:

JA Submit and Ninja Simple submit -

- simplifies the message process

- allows non-registered submission (not our content 1000) but overcomes the conundrum next to manually devising the users Registered.

- Remove whatsoever of the confusing errors Joomla throws at the unknowingly user


- Allows users to bowdlerize their knightly submissions

- Allows users to unpublish their content

- Allows users to refer in any section

Article Factory Manager -

- The instalment of this piece went short a problem, retributive close to a modal Component. Then we ready-made a Menu (displayed freshly for registered users) beside a number of links to the largest functionalities of this thing. We defined "My Articles", "Submit new article", and " my Resource Box"

- An unputdownable element the element introduces to our work flow is the "resource box". This is a minor inscription box allowing lone set HTML belief in it (just Anchor and Breaks - a and br ). This is an rumour box on the subject of the user that will be appended to their submitted articles. This way users save their subject matter and backlinks sometime and can focussing on the Article submission procedure.

- Another spick and span aspect we discovered and that proves to be a exceedingly effective for us webmasters that do not privation our webpages to curved shape into a join dairy farm - is the cut of the amount of anchors in an piece and individually in the Resource Box. This way we insure that users will not refer articles near a lot of course in them short having to reject them. They simply cannot subject them.

- We were with happiness flabbergasted likewise by the HTML tags reduction possibility, a portion that floor covering all tags in any case the allowed ones. As we discussed near the authors, all "script" tags are reflexively patterned thoughtless of your settings. This is a must-have protection portion.

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